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Halloween Costume Trends 2023

What's In and What's Out this Spooky Season

Halloween is an eagerly awaited holiday that allows people of all ages to unleash their creativity and embrace the spirit of the season. As we approach Halloween 2023, costume enthusiasts and partygoers want to know about the latest trends that will dominate this Halloween season. In this article, we will dive into the world of Halloween costume trends for 2023, exploring what's in and what's out.

What Cosplay Costume Closet Predicts as the Hot Costumes Halloween 2023

Having sold Halloween costumes online for more than 15 years, we've seen a lot of trends come and go while others have become "classics". What do we expect to be the hottest Halloween costume trends for 2023?

Mythical Creatures Take Center Stage

Prepare to be enchanted as mythical creatures dominate the Halloween scene in 2023. From majestic unicorns to mystical mermaids and fearsome dragons, these ethereal beings captivate our imagination and allow us to embrace our inner magic. To embody a mythical creature as your Halloween costume, consider incorporating shimmering fabrics, iridescent colors, and intricate details to bring these fantastical beings to life. The success of movies like Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, The Little Mermaid, Shazam! Fury of the Gods, and more are helping to push this trend to the forefront. Mermaids and unicorns have always been popular for children's costumes, but we expect to see more adults embrace these enchanting creatures. For couples and family costumes, think about the dragon and the knight, the unicorn and the maiden, or the thief and the mage. Combine costumes for the perfect couples Halloween costume.

barbie and ken nostalgic costumes are expected to be a big trend for Halloween costumes 2023Embracing Pop Culture Icons

The influence of movies, TV shows, and music on Halloween costumes cannot be overstated. In 2023, we can expect to see a surge in costumes inspired by beloved pop culture icons. Whether it's superheroes, villains, or beloved characters from our favorite franchises, embracing pop culture icons will undoubtedly be a hit at any Halloween party. Channel the strength of a superhero or the charisma of a beloved TV character to create a costume that captures the essence of these iconic figures. 

Ever popular choices including Marvel costumes, Alice in Wonderland Halloween Costumes, and the spookier side such as Halloween: Resurrection will continue to be in demand, though consider our next prediction when choosing the right one for you. Couples and family costumes can include a superhero team like the Avengers, or an ensemble cast of your favorite movie for television show.

Unique and Creative Costume Ideas

Halloween 2023 encourages costume enthusiasts to think outside the box and let their creativity shine. Embrace the opportunity to create unique and original costume ideas that reflect your personality and make a bold statement. From clever puns and unexpected mash-ups to avant-garde interpretations of classic themes, the possibilities are limitless. Let your imagination run wild and prepare to leave a lasting impression with your one-of-a-kind costume creation. Mix and match costume pieces from different costumes to create a truly unique version just for you or extend the fun by creating a couples Halloween costume or involve the whole family! Don't forget to include your family pet as Halloween pet costumes are always a hit. 

Barbie and Nostalgia

We have seen a lot of interest in the 70s and 80s for a few years and the release of the Barbie movie is sure to push nostalgia for our childhood back into the limelight.  We expect this to rub off on costume choices with styles and themes from these decades to be popular for Halloween costumes. Disco divas, funky fashions, and the retro-inspired colors like browns and oranges are going to be hot this year. This is a good opportunity to pull those old classics from the back of the closet or raid your mom's closet to find some unique pieces you can mix in with costumes from our shop to make it your own. Barbie and Ken costumes are sure to be popular for couples Halloween costumes, but don't forget trend 3 above and put your own spin on them.

Which Halloween Costumes are Over for 2023?

When planning your Halloween costume, be aware of fading costume trends that may no longer be as popular in 2023. Here are a few costume themes that are on the decline:

Overdone Pop Culture Phenomena

As much as we love our favorite TV shows, movies, and music artists, it's crucial to be aware of when a pop culture phenomenon has reached its peak. Costumes inspired by wildly popular franchises that have been around for years may start to lose their novelty. Instead of opting for the obvious choices, explore lesser-known or emerging pop culture icons that are gaining traction. Look for new TV shows, movies, or musicians that have captured the attention of audiences and embrace their unique characters or styles.

Generic "Sexy" Costumes

In the past, Halloween often saw an influx of generic "sexy" costumes that seemed to dominate the party scene, especially at college Halloween parties. However, these overly revealing and uninspired costumes have started to lose their appeal. Instead, opt for costumes that empower you and showcase your creativity without relying solely on sex appeal. Embrace the opportunity to think outside the box and create a costume that is both stylish and thought-provoking.

Cultural Stereotypes

Halloween should be a time of celebration and inclusivity, so it's essential to avoid costumes that perpetuate harmful stereotypes or cultural appropriation. Fading trends in this regard include costumes that mimic specific ethnicities, religions, or cultures in a disrespectful or offensive manner. Instead, focus on costumes that celebrate diversity and promote understanding and appreciation of different cultures. Embrace the chance to learn about and incorporate elements from various cultures into your costume in a respectful and inclusive way. The rise of adaptive costumes for wheelchair users and those with other disabilities are pushing the old stereotypes out the door -- good riddance! 

Predictable Horror Characters

While classic horror characters like vampires, witches, and zombies will always have a place in Halloween celebrations, it's important to give them a fresh twist to keep them from becoming mundane. Fading trends include costumes that lack creativity and simply replicate the iconic horror characters without adding a unique touch. Instead, consider reinventing these classic characters with unexpected details or incorporating elements from lesser-known horror myths and legends. This way, you can infuse a sense of intrigue and surprise into your Halloween ensemble. Zombies, vampires, witches and ghosts have had their heyday, but like these other trends, are fading in popularity.

Remember, these fading trends don't mean that you can't choose these costumes if they truly resonate with you. Halloween is about self-expression, and if you have a unique twist or interpretation, you can still make these costumes fresh and exciting.

witch costumes are still popular for halloween 2023 but put your own spin on themResources for Planning Your Halloween 2023 Costume

Planning a standout Halloween costume requires inspiration, creativity, and a little bit of guidance. To help you curate the perfect ensemble for Halloween 2023, we've gathered a variety of resources that will spark your imagination, provide valuable tips, and assist you in bringing your costume vision to life. From online platforms to offline sources, these resources will ensure that your Halloween costume is nothing short of extraordinary.

Our Online Costume Store offers a wide range of options, from pre-made costumes to individual costume pieces that you can mix and match. We provide an extensive selection of costumes inspired by various themes, characters, and trends and are always adding new Halloween costume styles. Browse through our collections and explore different ideas to find unique and high-quality costume options.

DIY Costume Blogs and Tutorials

If you prefer a more hands-on approach and enjoy crafting your own costumes, this blog will be featuring DIY costume ideas and tutorials. Look for upcoming articles to feature step-by-step guides, detailed instructions, and visual aids to help you create your dream costume from scratch. Subscribe to our newsletter below for notification of new articles and videos. 

Social Media and Online Communities

Tap into the power of social media and online communities to discover a world of costume inspiration and connect with fellow Halloween enthusiasts. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, connect with us on Twitter, join us on Instagram, and browse our boards of Pinterest for inspiration and ideas. We also have a YouTube channel for you. Tag us and help others be inspired by you! Use @cosplaycostumecloset or #cosplaycostumecloset. 

Local Thrift Stores and Vintage Shops

For those seeking unique and affordable costume options, local thrift stores and vintage shops are treasure troves of hidden gems. Browse through their clothing racks, accessories sections, and prop collections to find pieces that can be repurposed or incorporated into your Halloween ensemble. Mix vintage finds with additional costume elements to create a one-of-a-kind costume that stands out from the crowd.

Movies, Books and Magazines

Don't underestimate the power of traditional sources when it comes to costume inspiration. Movies and TV shows provide a wealth of inspiration. Books and magazines focused on costume design, fashion history, or character references can provide valuable insights and ideas for your Halloween ensemble. Visit your local library or bookstore to explore their costume and fashion sections and immerse yourself in the rich visuals and narratives that these resources offer.

Bringing Your Halloween Costume to Life

You've gathered inspiration, explored various resources, and now it's time to bring your Halloween costume to life. We will provide you with valuable tips and tricks to ensure that your costume stands out and leaves a lasting impression on Halloween night. From styling and accessorizing to perfecting the finishing touches, here's how to make your costume truly extraordinary.

Attention to Detail

The key to a standout Halloween costume lies in the details. Pay close attention to every element of your costume, from the fabric choices to the accessories. Consider the small details that can make a big impact, such as adding intricate embroidery, incorporating unique textures, or applying special effects makeup. These details elevate your costume from average to exceptional and demonstrate your dedication to the craft. Be sure to wear shoes or boots appropriate for the character - we have costume shoes for womencostume boots and shoes for men and even costume shoes and boots for kids.

Styling and Makeup

To fully embody your character or theme, pay attention to styling and makeup. Choose hairstyles and makeup that complement your costume and enhance the overall look. Experiment with different makeup techniques, colors, and styles to achieve the desired effect. Consider researching tutorials or seeking professional assistance if you're unsure about specific makeup techniques. Additionally, style your hair or choose a wig that complements your costume and adds authenticity to your character portrayal.

Perfecting the Fit

Ensure that your costume fits you perfectly. Give yourself enough time to any necessary alterations or adjustments to ensure a comfortable and flattering fit -- this is one reason we always suggest you order your Halloween costumes early! Ill-fitting costumes can detract from the overall impact and hinder your mobility during Halloween festivities. Tailor your costume to your body shape and size, ensuring that you can move and dance freely while maintaining the integrity of your ensemble. Just a strategically placed safety pin, a few stitches in a hem or seam, or adding a belt can make a huge difference.

Confidence and Characterization

One of the most important aspects of bringing your Halloween costume to life is confidence. Take a page from your favorite cosplayer and embrace the character you're portraying. Embody their traits, mannerisms, and attitude. Practice your character's gestures, expressions, or even catchphrases to fully immerse yourself in the role. Confidence and a genuine portrayal of your character will captivate others and enhance the impact of your costume...and help you win that Halloween costume contest!

Finishing Touches and Accessories

Don't overlook the power of costume accessories and finishing touches. These small additions can elevate your costume to the next level. Consider adding props, jewelry, or specialty items that enhance your character or theme. Accessories provide an opportunity to showcase your attention to detail and creativity. Whether it's a wand for a wizard costume or a signature piece of jewelry for a glamorous ensemble, the right accessories complete the overall look.

Embrace the Spirit of Halloween

Remember, Halloween is a time of celebration, creativity, and self-expression. Embrace the spirit of the holiday and enjoy the process of bringing your costume to life. Allow yourself to have fun, experiment with different ideas, and take risks with your costume choices. Halloween is the perfect occasion to step out of your comfort zone and showcase your unique style and creativity.

With these tips and tricks in mind, you're ready to create a Halloween costume that will turn heads and inspire awe.  As you embark on your journey to create the perfect Halloween costume for 2023, remember to have fun, push the boundaries of conventional thinking, and embrace the spirit of the holiday. Whether you choose a trendy costume, reinvent a classic, or explore a unique concept, let your creativity shine through and make your costume a reflection of your individuality.

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