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Wings for Costumes at Cosplay Costume Closet

Angel Wing and Halo Kit

Black or white feather wings come with a marabou halo. One size. The wings have shoulde..

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Archangel Large Feather Wings

In black or white, the feathers are hand applied on this large wings.  These are our ..

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Bat Wing Cozy Shrug and Ears

This cool shrug (cropped jacket) has long, attached bat sleeves with cuffs and furry colla..

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Butterfly Fairy Wings

Muted tones of blue and purple highlight these black organza butterfly wings with jeweled ..

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Cupid Wings and Accessory Set

Cupid accessory set includes the red feather wings and bow with heart arrow.  One ..

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Feather Wings

Cute smaller feather wings in black, red or white are 23 x 15 inches. They have shoulde..

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Gothic Feather Wings

Real black and red feathers hand shaped into a more gothic style costume wing - totally wi..

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Iridescent Pixie Wings

Accented with glitter, a white flower, and dangling satin ribbons, these adult size win..

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Jeweled Organza Garden Fairy Wings

Lovely sheer organza wings in shades of pink and green are accented with red jewels and..

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Monarch Butterfly Festival Wings

Large, halter cape wings have wrist straps and support sticks so you can raise them fully ..

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Mystical Golden Wings

Glittery golden wings have stitched veins. Great for Angel and other costumes.  Sh..

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Strapless Butterfly Costume Wings

Pretty opaque black trimmed wings have sheer organza and black rose detail. Pin or sew ..

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Wings for Costumes at Cosplay Costume Closet


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