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Custom Halloween - Create Your Own Costume at Cosplay Costume Closet Halloween Shop

Angel Wing and Halo Kit
Basic Black Womens Skater Dress
Basic Brown Womens Skater Dress
Basic Pink Womens Skater Dress
Basic Red Womens Bodysuit
Basic Womens Unitard in Black
Basic Womens Unitard in Brown
Basic Womens Unitard in Nude
Basic Womens Unitard in White
Black Costume Mask Headsock
Black Widow Spider Web Net Top
Bunny Accessory Costume Kit
Cougar Kitty Costume Kit
Extra Credit Schoolgirl Kit
Fox Ears and Tail Costume Kit
French Maid Costume Kit
Giraffe Costume Accessory Kit
Gray Mouse 3 Piece Costume Kit
Harlequin Two Tone Romper
Mermaid Fin Glitter Fin Set
Mermaid Pearl Starfish Headband
Mermaid Shell Bra Top in Gold
Naughty Devil Costume Kit
Nerd Costume Kit
Panda Costume Kit
Pretty Kitty Costume Kit
Rainbow Sequin Corset
Sequin Devil Horns
Skull Print Gartered Bodysuit
Striped Cat Bodysuit
Sugar Skull Bustier
Tuxedo Costume Kit
Zipper Front Black Lame Catsuit

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Create a custom Halloween costume that is all yours. Start with these costume basic pieces and turn any outfit into a Halloween or Cosplay costume with these easy, simple costume kits and accessories.

This section includes costume kits like cat ears and tail as well as basic leotards and other pieces for you to mix and match to make your own custom DIY costume for cosplay or Halloween. You can also use these accessories along with last year's costume to turn it into something new: Change that French Maid costume into a Tuxedo Kitty or fun Bunny costume by switching out the accessories. Make last year's Black Widow catsuit into Catwoman. 

The only limit with these costume basic pieces is your imagination.