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Find your style FASTER than ever! New Filters!

Find your style FASTER than ever! New Filters!

Posted By: 1 Published: 05/20/2014 Comments: 0

I am so happy to say filters are now working on the stores! Filters let you more easily find exactly the style, size and color you are looking for among our hundreds of styles.

For example, see the screenshot at right from our women's shoe store, Shoe Ooodles. Now instead of just browsing page after page of women's pumps (which you can still do of course!), you can select your size by clicking on it in the window at the left of the page (the example shows size 8) which would display all shoe styles that are made in that size. If you also select a color like the Red / Burgundy shown in the example, you would be able to browse all pump styles made in size 8 that come in any shade of red! If you can wear an 8 or 9 say, select both and it will show styles that come in either size! Match your outfit and size perfectly in just a few clicks!

You can also select heel height, style, materials, and other criteria to narrow your focus even more! And if you change your mind, just click again to unselect the option!

Right now, they are only completely set up for shoes and boots, however they will be done for all products as soon as I can get them added. Next I am working on costumes for our Halloween costume store Cosplay Costume Closet then will work on other clothing, jewelry, etc. It is a bit slow going as I have to manually go thru every product currently on the stores and designate their styles, sizes, etc. though all new products added will of course, have them done when they go live. They will be further refined over time.

This is a feature I know we have lacked for a while and it was just going to be worse as I add the thousands of other styles still to come to our store, but I think these filters will help you narrow down the perfect item for yourself or that special gift.

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