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FAQ for Costumes & Halloween

In no particular order, here are a some of our customers Frequently Asked Questions. More will be added over time, so be sure to check back.

What is Cosplay?

Read the answer to what is cosplay in our blog post that also explains the difference between Cosplay costumes and Halloween costumes.

What are Costume Boot Covers?

Costume boot covers come with several costumes that would normally be worn with boots - such as your favorite Avenger or Superhero costume. They are like leg warmers that slip over your legs and shoes (usually covering part or all of the top of your shoes) to give the appearance of the boots that would be worn with the costume. This means you don't have to go searching for the boots (which are often hard to find or expensive!) while covering those plain old sneakers you are wearing that otherwise don't go with with your costume.

Which Cosplay suits me?

This is a hard one to answer as cosplay is a very personal choice, usually based on something you love - a particular character, show or movie. The #1 thing to consider (though even this is changing) is the characters general appearance and gender. If you are female and short, trying to cosplay a tall male character might be too much of a challenge (though gender bending can be fun!)

You should also consider your own personality - if you are generally shy and reserved, you might not want to go for a very outgoing character that is always giving out hugs for example.

Read our blog post here for more information about how to chose a cosplay character.

What are Cosplay wigs?

A cosplay wig is really no different than a regular wig you might wear for a play or every day. Some may be colored or styled in a particular way when made to suit a specific character (such as our popular Harley Quinn wig), but really you can take any wig and color or style it yourself to fit your cosplay.

More to come....Have a question for us? Ask it here.