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Prosthetic Makeup Appliances at Cosplay Costume Closet Halloween Shop

Prosthetic Makeup Appliances

Foam latex is what is professionally used in theatrical, film and TV productions to altar the actor's appearance. Foam latex prosthetics are made of a soft spongy latex material that closely imitates the look and feel of skin in a basic flesh tone. It is soft, light weight and easy to color match to your skin using water-based makeup.

The piece is adhered with spirit gum or latex adhesive and will move with your own facial movement to bring your character to life. For best results, take your time, work from the center out, and be sure to adhere the edges. You can use facial tissue to help blend the edges to your skin.

Foam latex unlike rubber or latex masks is delicate. It will give you greater realism but is generally designed to be used once. Carefully removed with the proper adhesive remover (work from the outside in), you may be able to use it 2-3 times, but if the character will be needed for multiple performances, we recommend using a fresh appliance for each application -  contact us for a quantity discount.

Some of the smaller pieces in this section are a more durable material designed to be reused.

Warning: Contains Latex. Should not be applied to anyone with an allergy to latex.

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