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Animal and Plushie Hats at Cosplay Costume Closet Halloween Shop

Bear Hug Plush Hoodie Hat
Black Faux Leather Cat Mask
Black Panther Mouth Mover Mask
Black Velvet Cat Ear Headband
Black Vinyl Cat Mask
Brown Bear Mouth Mover Mask
Bunny Accessory Costume Kit
Bunny Masquerade Mask in Black
Bunny Masquerade Mask in White
Bunny Sparkle Costume Set
Cheetah Ears with Studs
Cougar Kitty Costume Kit
Dalmation Dog Mouth Mover Mask
Disney Frozen Olaf Hoodie Hat
Disney Pooh Hoodie Hat for Kids
Feline Femme Fatale Cat Mask
Filigree Glitter Kitty Cat Ears
Fox Ears and Tail Costume Kit
Furry Fox Mouth Mover Mask
Furry Monster Hood with Paws
Furry Pug Mouth Mover Mask
Gorilla Mouth Mover Mask
Gray Mouse 3 Piece Costume Kit
Latex Kitty Kat Ear Headband
Lion Mouth Mover Mask
Lovely Leopard Cat Ears Set
Neon Pink Leopard Cat Ears Set
Night Owl Purple Furry Hood
Panda Bear Hug Plush Hoodie Hat
Pretty Kitty Costume Kit
Rainbow Unicorn Headband
Rocking Fox Neko Tail and Ears
Sequin Kitty Cat Ears
Stitched Kitty Cat Ears
Studded Mouse Ears
Studded Silver Cat Ears
Unicorn Headband with Mane
White Rabbit Costume Kit
White Tiger Mouth Mover Mask
Wolf Mouth Mover Mask

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From animal hoods with attached paw scarves to cat ears, these are the fun animal and plush hats you will have a ton of fun in!