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The latest announcements about the store - new features, how to shop, so much more.

Restocking Dates Added to Out of Stock Products

It's that time of year when thoughts turn to Halloween.  And we are busy updating inventory and adding new styles every day.

Find your style FASTER than ever! New Filters!
Filtered Search
I am so happy to say filters are now working on the stores! Filters let you more easily find exactly the style, size and color you are looking for among our hundreds of styles. For example, see the screenshot at right from our women's shoe store, Shoe Ooodles. Now instead of just browsing page after page of women's pumps (which you can still do of course!), you can select your size by clicking on it in the window at the left of the page (the example shows size 8) which would display all shoe styles that are made in that size. If you also select a color like the Red / Burgundy shown in the e..
Just Scroll Down
Product Details
Do you want to know more about a product I sell? Just scroll down! I am in the process of refining the product pages to give you all the vital information right up top - name of the item, brief description, price, key elements of it, options it might come in, photos of it, etc. But then there is yet more to discover about the item just by scrolling down further! As you scroll, you will reveal details including a more detailed description, size chart, properties of the materials used in the item, delivery options for it, warranty and care information, where it is made, fitting guides and ..
Costume Inventory Updated and About Inventory
Earlier I finished updating BeWicked costume inventory, and I've just finished rechecking Elegant Moments and Coquette costumes as well!  As of right now, everything that is out of stock with them is marked "Out of Stock" on the size line and/or the "Ships Within" availabilty line on the product page. These 3 manufacturers are your best choice for getting a last minute costume - after checking our costume clearance section for what we have in stock here in our Florida warehouse, of course. BeWicked and Coquette ship from their warehouse in California, Elegant Mo..
BeWicked Costume Inventory Updated
As of this moment, all inventory for BeWicked Costumes is up to date. Inventory is always in flux of course, but anything out of stock right now will show as "Out of Stock" on the size dropdown and/or "Ships Within" availability line. BeWicked Costumes is our fastest shipping manufacturer, so if you need a last minute Halloween costume, choose one of their costumes for fastest delivery. They usually get items out of their California warehouse the same day (if ordered before 4 pm Eastern), worst case next day, and you can choose Express Shipping for overnight delivery. They are also ..
YouTube Costumes
    Okay, so while I love watching videos on YouTube, I have always found them hard to figure out when it comes to setting up our channel.     I’m taking another stab at it and starting to set up some playlists you might like, starting with InCharacter Costume’s amazing Costume Confidential line of premium costumes. These 12 styles for 2012 have scrumptious fabrics and great details with styles that are elegant and not too sexy, like the beautiful Queen of Hearts costume featured here. Check them all out on YouTube with more videos coming soon. Of cour..
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